Africa Skills Hub SME Support Fund

Africa Skills Hub provides investment finance and business support to growing businesses in Ghana through our partner Whitehall Advisors Fund, Ghana.

Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to start or grow their businesses face many challenges, including finding a committed partner who can provide finance structured according to the needs of their business as well as value-added business support services and networks that improve their chances of success.

Why Choose Africa Skill Hub SME Support Fund ?

At Africa Skills Hub, we put your needs first. We roll up our sleeves and gain a thorough understanding of your business with you. This understanding reflects in repayments that are structured according to your cash flows, as also in the duration of our loan, which can range from 6months to 12months to a maximum of 2 years, to ensure that we can tailor our offering to the precise requirements of your business.

Our decision to partner with you is based on the viability of your business, which we further enhance with our pre-and-post finance business support services. Our business support function addresses critical management skills in areas such as business planning, operations, sales and marketing, HR planning and environmental, Social & Governance (ESG).

What you look for in a
Finance Partner?
Africa Skills Hub Support Fund Bank
Medium to Long term tenor
of your loan
Yes ?
Repayments structured
according to your cash flows
Yes No
Focus on the viability of
your business
Yes No
Pre-and -Post Finance
Business Support
Yes No

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Who We Finance ?

We provide Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) finance/business loans in Ghana, such as SME lines of credit and early-stage innovation finance. If you are looking to start or grow your business, you need a committed partner who can provide and finance business support that is structured according to your need, then talk to us.

Eligibility Criteria

We seek to support more women entrepreneurs in rural areas in Ghana. But our key eligibility criteria are the business’s financial and commercial viability. We will also evaluate the borrower’s risk profile and ensure this falls within acceptable levels.

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